Our state of the art equipment  utilizes a small amount of space and allows us to accomodate  clientel needs and travel to private appointments in the privacy of your own home, hotel room or residency, where air quality, privacy and cleanliness are a concern. 


All of our clippers have a high powered vacuum system which removes all trace of pet hair clippings that would usaully be left behind during a normal grooming session. The pet hair has no chance to ever reach the air.  Our drying systems also filter the air with an advanced hepa filtration system removing all allergens from the air, replacing it with clean fresh filtered air.  This equipment makes it possible to maintain a safe, clean, mess free pet grooming session in private.


We abide by a strict confidentiality clause and provide excellent superior  customer service. Poochie's Place takes into consideration the need for the proper equipment to keep the grooming area sanitary and safe. 

VIP client booking Process


We understand some clients have a special need for confidentiality. Due to this , we have created a VIP client policy, in which no information is entered into our booking system and appointments are scheduled in person.


If you are a VIP client staying at one of the hotels or residencies we service, or are a vip client representative, it is best to contact your hotel's chief concierge who will contact Amelia directly.


Confidentiality is extremely important to us. You can be confident in knowing that your clients safety and privacy is protected.

Privacy Policy.

In no event or under any circumstance shall Poochie'sPlace,any of our employees or contractors share your personal information (delivery/invoicing address, telephone numbers, etc.), which were used during our appointment booking process, with anyone.


Poochie's Place accepts and acknowledges to keep personal information confidential, to be bound by such confidentiality clause, and to exercise due care and diligence in providing and maintaining the confidentiality, preventing any or all confidential information from being available in public domain or from unauthorized use or from being disclosed to third persons.