We recommend making an appointment, however we  have a cancellation replacement list if you would like service as soon as possible.

Asian fusion styles  are available with Full groom or spa day grooming packages only. Due to the extensive amount of time for the hand scissoring details, there is an add on chartge for this service in the full groom package.



Full groom package can be breed specific clip or mixed salon styling trims. there is no add on charge for these services.

We have many add on spa services, creative color grooming services and nail painting/ pedicure services. Please ask for details



We take EXTREME pride in each and dog or cat we groom. We do our best work EVERY time and provide individual attention to every client we work with.


We do our absolute best to provide the quickest service possible, however grooming time also depends on your pets comfort level and temperment that day. We cannot guarentee an exact pick up time, but do give a 3-4 hour time frame. We ask that you please try not rush your groomer  and allow us the time needed to properly and safely work on your pet.


For the safety of your pets, we keep the door closed at ALL times. We do not use cage dryers and take every precaution necessary to make sure your pet is safe at ALL times while in our care.


Please let us know if someone not on file will be picking up your pet.


We would also ask to be made aware of any medical conditions, allergies or special needs. Also please let us know of any fear driven aggression issues during grooming, so we can properly work with the issue.


It is also a requirement that all pets are up to date on their vaccinations.









Priced according to breed/ these are per-visit services/ upgrades also available:

Full, curly or thick coated breeds:

1.Bath, dry and brushout (does not include dematting) (does not include trimming) these services are available as a "touch up" service to clients on a regular grooming schedule

2.Full Grooming

3. Show dog spa day

Double coated, wire haired, terriors and long coated breeds:

1. Full grooming with scissoring

2: Handstripping Grooming

3. Full grooming with clipping 

4. Show dog spa day

Flat, short coats:

1. Bath, dry and brushing

2. Full grooming: Bath, dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned deshed/ undercoat removal and coat shining

3. Show dog spa day: Any of the above packages with 5 upgrade services and a keepsake item.

Full groom-  packages specific to breed standard
Package includes:

Aromatherapy bath with shampoo made on site specifically tailored to your pets coat type and skin condition,

Conditioning rinse,

nail clipping,

ears cleaned/ears plucked/ trimmed,

full body clip or profile trim ( if appropriate for breed)

hair removed in between paw pads,

Paws scissored ,

facial trim,

tail trim,

sanitary trim,

high velocity air hand dry and coat finish,


finishing scent

bow or bandana.

Show Dog Spa Day



Perfect for any breed.Full groom above plus several spa add-ons for a full spa day.

Package includes:

(full groom Plus)


facial, massage, paw pad treatments, nail buffing, filing and cleaning, coat shining, hand scissoring, organic whitening anda list of other organic spa treatments guaranteed to leave your pet in optimum "show dog" condition.

Each package customized to each dogs specific needs.














Flat/Smooth/short coat groom

A smooth coat is meant to be sleek, soft and shiny. Our smooth coat groom will keep your dog looking, feeling and smelling great!


package includes:

nail clipping,

aromatherapy shampoo tailored to dogs coat and skin condition,

Ear cleaning,

gland expression if needed,

finishing scent,

finishing bow, bandana or bowtie






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