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 The Physiological effects of canine massage include the following:


Improved Circulation

Endorphin release

Increased toxin excretion

Relaxation and dtress release

Reduced stiffness 

Restored mobility to injured areas

Injury revention by increasing range of motion and muscle tone.

Improved athletic performance and endurance

posture maintenance and balance

Improved mental focus and attitude

Healthy skin and coat 

Anxiety relief during rehomingg

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

Also known as a sports massage, A canine swedish massage is a full body massage using warm essential oils, best for growing puppies, very  active dogs and sports dogs.                


Senior Massage

A mix of acupressure and Swedish massage techniques used with warm coconut oil that target areas prone to discomfort in senior pets joints and muscles. Relieving tension and improving circulation, range of motion, toxin excretion while promoting healthy skin and coat.


Arthritis Relief

A mix of swedish deep tissue and acupressure techniques using essential oils that targets exact areas of arthritic pain. Reduces stiffness and relieves pain and tension.



Anxiety Stress Relief

Perfect for dogs suffering from seperation anxiety and rehoming anxiety. has been proven extremely effective in treating shelter dogs improving temperment and improving mental focus and attitude,using accupressure techniques targeting pressure points to release endorphines, while using massage techniques  to calm and relax.






Dogs have a much more acute sense of smell than we humans do (with over 2 million scent receptors in their nasal passages), and when they inhale the aroma of essential oils, it passes into their bloodstream pretty quickly.


Specially formulated dog aromatherapy oil blends have been carefully prepared to give the best results, safely and without side effects


If your dog has a fearful or anxious personality or gets stressed out when you take him on a road trip or let off 4th of July fireworks, then the an aromatherapy oil that promotes a feeling of calm relaxation can work wonders.


Cats are EXTREMELY sensitive to aromatherapy and essential oil treatments.Please do not try to give aromatherapy treatments to any feline at home. Only a trained licensed professioanal should provide these services.







Don't use dog aromatherapy to treat very young puppies, senior dogs, those who may pregnant or are nursing pups. In all these situations (and if your puppy or dog is sick), ALWAYS consult your vet before undertaking any sort of treatment, natural or otherwise



  • Some reasons to consider pet aromatherapy:

  • to stop diarrhea

  • to help with digestion problems

  • to decrease coughs, congestion & respiratory problems

  • to lessen the effects of arthritis

  • to end nausea

  • to help with nervousness & anxiety

  • to treat insect bites & stings

  • to ntreat Ringworm

  • to stop vomiting

  • to end motion & travel sickness

  • to temper hyperactivity

  • to help your pet deal with grief

  • to treat dry skin & itching



We have a complete line of Homeopathic products,

herbal rmedies and organic grooming products in stock daily. We can also ship items ut of state.

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