Golden retriever

De-Shedding services

Poochies Place provides a patented all natural safe De-shed treatment that is guarenteed to work miracles.  We first look at the cause of the shedding and then  take a proven effective, holistic  approach, using a patented formula, guarenteed safe and effective.The result is a shed free unbelievable new healthy coat which is shed free for 6-8 weeks, healthy skin, a happy pampered pet and a happy hair free home! Guaranteed

Step 1 : skin and coat analysis

It is first important to first look at your pets breed, coat type, skin condition, diet, medical history and any underlying factors that may be causes the shedding. It usaully comes down to 2 major issues; your dogs breed and diet. Some dogs shed naturally, some dogs shed during certain seasons, and sometimes its a dietary concern. We take all of these factors into consideration and determine what products to use and what methods to use and if your pet is a good candidate for our deshedding service.

Step 3.  lemon avocado  Deshed Shampoo and patented pre-rinse method 

The next step goes beyond normal deshed services and uses a special patented very effective all natural shampoo which activates with the deshedding powder and cause the dead hair to fall from the follicle,painlessly. This is the hair that you would usaully see a few hours after your normal deshed service.  Our pre-rinse method uses a high velocity shampooing system that gets into the undercoat and actually penetrates the hair cuticle and hair follicle. The lemon removes dirt and debris while the avocado oil strenthens and shines the healthy follicles.. creating a healthy smooth shiny new coat, while removing the dead old coat.

Step 2: Coconut almond mix Deshed powder and first light brushing

We take into consideration that most shedding dogs have dry irritated flaky skin, so 90% of the time a "deshedding rake" or brush is not an option,it will only agitate the skin and make the condition worse. We have developed at patented a deshed powder made from homemade vinegars, coconut, oatmeal and exotic berrys which latch onto the dead hair follicles, while depositing necessary vitamins into the healthy ones. The coconut provides essential moisture and natural light oils to coat the hair shaft and the oatmeal soothes the skin.this is applied to the coat and a special all natural ristle soft brushing technique is used to remove the first layer of dead hair.

Step 4: Skin conditioning treatment with coconut almond milk

Its now time for your pet to relax in a luxourous skin and coat conditioning coconut and almond milk conditioning bubble bath. This is the final product used to provide a nice smelling, healthy, beautiful skin and coat treatment,

Step 5:

Final hand dry with High velocity dryer

last step, finally a hand dry with a high velocity dryer and special attachment to rmove any hair that may have remained on the coat. The result is a shed free unbelievable new healthy coat which is shed free for 6-8 weeks, healthy skin, a happy pampered pet and a happy hair free home! Guarenteed